What others are saying about Diaroogle...

"The aptly, if somewhat disgustingly, named Diaroogle.com is a nifty search engine that gives the knock-kneed and desperate a reliable list of loos." - nypost.com

"Why didn’t anyone ever think of this? This could grow into the world’s most useful database." - killerstartups.com

" This is the single greatest URL I have ever seen in my life....and the site is actually really helpful." -whatwereinto.com

"Is the founder of this site George Costanza?" - Digg (commentor)

The Internet has come through for people who just want a clean place to go with new tools like Diaroogle - cnn.com

Mashup of the Day - Aug 25th, 2008 - http://mashupawards.com/diaroogle/

"Human-powered search engine Diaroogle is up to the task!" -cnet.com

"This is a god-send. " -Lifehacker (commentor)

Search Engine of the Day: August 20th, 2008 - zdnet.com

"Beyond excelling at ingress strategies, Diaroogle shows promise of becoming a guide to both host establishments, and even general NY lifestyle" - thrillest.com

"if you live in NYC, or the next time you're visiting, put Diaroogle in you mobile bookmarks–you never know when that McDonald’s breakfast will want to make a quick exit." -www.coedmagazine.com

"..much easier to use on your phone that Mizpee. and when ya gotta go (like I did today) every second counts." - trendhunter.com (commentor)

"I am loving this site I found via * via BuzzFeed ! And it's not just because of its great name - it actually seems to works and you know if you're needing this service while on the go, you really really need it to work." - babbledog.com

    Some random tweets on twitter.com:

  • "diaroogle rools. I need that at work. Our bathrooms are like booby trapped caves right out of Indy jones. Minus harrison."
  • "A must for iphones in NYC"
  • "I caught myself reading the toilet directions & laughing 30 min, had to force myself to close it."
  • "Thank you Diaroogle... you've made my life easier. "
  • "this has *got* to be a joke"
  • "I ranted about needing something like this about 5 million times when I lived in NYC"
  • "george costanza would be proud"
  • "Now this is a service! http://www.diaroogle.com/ Find public toilets in NYC from a cellphone? I'm behind it all the way!"
  • "haven't decided if this is the most helpful or unnecessary phone app ever"
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