Cafe Noir

32 Grand St New York City, New York 10013


Good old Cafe Noir. Toilets are located in the back, past the bar area. On the weekends or a weeknight the place is pretty crowded. No one will ever notice you're just there for bathroom business. On a weekday before 6ish, it's a little more difficult not be noticed, but completely doable. Just head straight past the bar area like you're meeting someone in the back. Bathrooms are definitely worth it. Clean, 100% private and the ambiance is top notch. Also, the tapas at this place are pretty slamming. And they serve this olive oil with crush red paper and garlic with the bread that is really amazing. I often find myself loading up bread am stuffed before the meal comes. Totally amateur move, I know.

Mon-Sat 12pm-4am, Sun 11am-4am





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