Crate and Barrel

611 Broadway New York, NY 10012

Houston street

Especially good if you're out for Happy Hour downtown, this is the best bathroom. They're open until 9 Monday through Saturday and they're always clean. If you're paranoid about looking like you just went in to use the bathroom, browse a bit, but as they're located at the south end of the store on the 2nd floor (and the entrance to the bathroom is fairly hidden, can't be seen from the showroom), it'll never be obvious to anybody that you made a beeline to them.

M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 11a-7p





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IBSmile said:
Alas, Crate & Barrel is undergoing some serious renovation at the moment. It's unclear to me as to whether the space will reopen with its mass-produced, handmade wares, its potpourri, and its runs-friendly facilities.

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