Conservatory Garden, Central Park

1000 5th Avenue New York City, New York 10028

105th Street

Perhaps the best public toilet to be found in Central Park. Unlike the one near Sheep Meadow, which has incredibly long lines on beautiful Sundays when people are sipping their illegal wine and beer, the Conservatory Gardens draws the more geriatric and slow moving crowd. Unlike the Sheep Meadow which is used for frisbee and football throwing, the purpose of the Conservatory is to reflect and admire the pools of water, large koi, and fauna which is by nature a more solitary activity. On the particular Fall afternoon that I visited, half of the people were in wheelchairs of groups of two and three and the other half were singles and of these the majority were of the older set. While incontinence tends to set in with growing maturity, this still does not offset the sheer number of people that use Sheep Meadow on a good day, plus the speed at which the collegiate-type groups and consume and metabolize alcohol. While being in less use which equates to being more clean, the Conservatory also has more dedicated personnel to upkeep the premises. There were several groundskeepers there to prune and keep the shrubbery in angular shapes whereas the Sheep Meadow is just one big lawn that requires it being mowed. Also being a space that is rented out for weddings and events, the bathrooms I assume would have to be decent enough for people dressed in fancy clothes to use. As you can see, it is a far superior bathroom.

8:00 AM to dusk





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Yuki E said:
Conservatory Garden, is on 105th St restroom.<br />1000 5th Av is address for MET Museum.

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