Lower East Side Tenement Museum

108 Orchard Street New York City, New York 10002


Besides having an excellent selection of coffee table books and souvenirs that you actually want to buy, the gift shop has a well maintained bathroom that is free to the public. The bathroom was as I remember nicely scented and single-stalled. The wait before the paying-tours can be two or three women deep, but due to space limitations and entertaining material around, lines don't form very deep because people can browse a book while keeping an eye on the status of the bathroom line. At least you don't have to stand there thinking that you have to pee. An annoyance that most women have to go through either at Barnes and Noble, (no books around since its separated by a theft detector and usually down a hall), at music concerts and sports stadiums (the worst, no reading material, everyone has to go at the boring periods, set changes, half-time, ect). It is nice to go in look at their merchandise without buying anything, because most of the people there are just milling about waiting for their tour to start, and its easy to mix-in without appearing that you are just going there to use their bathroom.

11 am- 5 pm





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K said:
Also a good place to sit a while and kill time - there is always a History Channel movie playing in the back room, and it is free and open to the public.
bryce said:
so did you beef one or what?!

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