Filene's Basement (Union Sq)

4 Union Square South New York, NY 10003

btwn University and Broadway

One can find the bathrooms (and often long lines coming out of the women's room) near the customer service counter on the first floor of Filene's. In the women's room, there are 4 stalls, including a handicap stall, and one perpetually out of order. There is often little soap in the dispensers by the sinks, but as long as one carries around sanitizer, this restroom can be a lifesaver when switching trains in Union Square and thinking that you won't be able to make it home.






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Rick Steves said:
Filene's Basement at Union Square has the NICEST -cleanest, quietest, most private bathroom in the whole area. I've taken many a poop in this fine establishment!<br /><br />Come on in guys, you could eat off these seats!

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