Bryant Park

9 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036

Between 5th & 6th Avenues

This is a full-fledged public toilet, but it is hands down the nicest one I have ever had the pleasure of using. Fresh flowers, soft music, elegant decor, sparkling clean. On a busy day, you'll face a line, but trust me: it is worth it.

depends on seasonal park hours





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Kevin said:
Words cannot describe the opulence of this restroom.
Jen said:
I concur. In New York you kind of have to take what's available when you need to go, so I was pleasantly surprised when I used this bathroom. It's so clean and almost pretty inside. There was a cleaner right there keeping things tidy and nice. I was very impressed. Now that I know about this little place, I'd be tempted to walk out of my way just to know that it's 'safe' to use.
Ricky Bobby said:
You might have to wait in line, but these are probably the nicest public restrooms in the city.
Abby said:
These are fantastic ! It's always clean and when I've used it there was someone outside to make sure it stayed that way.
scir91 from YouTube said:
VERY clean, there is some nice incense oil where you wash your hands.
Sean said:
I used to work at the 'wichcraft in Bryant Park where these were our official restrooms so you can bet I was glad about how nice they are. They even have my favorite hand soap, is smells like Amaretto... I love that stuff.

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