Virgin Megastore-Union Square

52 E 14th St New York, NY 10003

Unleash the artist in you when taking a break from perusing the magazines & the music. Make sure to bring your own Sharpie or spray paint. Obviously no one cares what you do here so you're pretty much set with whatever you wanna do.






Listing comments

Bruno Ayres said:
Beaultiful descrption!
Capitão Idiotinha said:
Oh, cool! I wanna crap all over this place!
Ultrabrite said:
Totally accessible, one-stall bathroom but the hovering above the seat routine and the dirty toilet paper on a tied up trash bag is a little disconcerting. I felt like I might be abducted in a bathroom like that.
matu said:
i lost my virginity in this bathroom on my fifthteenth birthtday.

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