Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

646 W. 131st St. New York, NY 10027

entrance on 12th Ave.

The toilets at Dinosaur are located in two places, both bearing red doors. The men's room is inside and to the right, tucked away beyond the bar and the women's room is farther towards the back, basically a straight shot forward from the entrance. The bathrooms are clean with multiple stalls and sufficient sinks with quality hand soap. The restaurant and bar are often times packed with people waiting or drinking so it will be easy to blend in among the patrons if you're only there for the facilities. <br /><br />p.s. They have the best bbq chicken wings I've ever had.

9am - 10pm Tues - Sunday





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Conor said:
Based on the photo, I would second-guess the cleanliness. Look at the floor: looks like someone didn't aim properly. I bet it smells like urine. Gross! If you are going to say that a bathroom is clean, at least show CLEAN pictures of it!<br /><br />LOOK AT THE PICTURE! LOOK AT THE FLOOR SURROUNDING THE TOILET!<br /><br />GROSS!
Kevin said:
Yeah the stains are gross... but the base level of cleanliness is there–this unit just happened to have been visited by a guy with poor aim. It happens.

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