145 W. 100th St New York, NY 10025

Btwn Amsterdam and Columbus

Little Known Fact: All NYPD / FDNY stations are public property, and therefore required to provide toilet access. <br /><br />Editor's note: The above statement is possibly not true but we would like to know for certain either way.






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J said:
Why take a shit at 76 when the 24 pct is just next door! They have paid janitors to clean those heads!
BMA-IGM said:
They are not publicly accessible and are by regulations off-limits to the public. There is no mandate that all public buildings provide public toilets. By this logic anyone can waltz into City hall or 1 Police Plaza and demand access to the nearest Stool! Better check your facts first.
Black Cloud said:
I would use a firehouse bathroom over a police precint bathroom any day.<br />Firehouse bathrooms are much cleaner. Firemen take pride in keeping their facilities clean. <br />Cops are the biggest slobs around. <br /><br /><br /><br />
Super Dave said:
Beerfart said:
I always demand to use a fire house toilet. The fire men are paid to keep them clean and they have plenty of free time to do it. Believe me, they are the cleanest in the city.
JJG said:
Dont demand, and by the way, we are not PAID to keep them clean, we take pride in keeping our house clean
get-r-done said:
to my knowledge fireman are not paid to clean toilets but cleans them because thet have to use it and have pride. They live in the fireHOUSE.<br />I clean my toilet and nobody pays me.
Citykid said:
Not true. Due to security risks in the age of terrorism no visitors are allowed past the watchman. Besides, what happens if they get a call while your doing your business? They have to wait for you to leave before they can go to the fire.
Stoolsoftener said:
I'm sure that the Firemen want to clean up after you take a dump in their head! Oh yea, one more thing, Beerfart is an asshole.<br />
Fortherecord said:
Beefart... same guy circling a Park-N-Ride at night flashing his headlights, enjoy your male company.
beerfartsadouche said:
Beerfart , i would like to see you demand to use a firehouse bathroom. A tantrum may work in manhattan where you have to stroke everyone but head up to the BX or into Bklyn and try your act.
Sgt. Grit said:
beerfart sounds like a cop who couldn't pass the fireman's test!
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stewie said:
Any adult who asks to use the firehouse bathroom should be mortally embarressed. I might let a kid but they get told they gotta scram if the tones go off.
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